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Giants Hole - 22 Oct 2006

Sunday October 22nd 2006

Members present: Charlie Dixon,  Chuck Holder,  Dominic Galliano,  Gary Douthwaite,  James Gregory,  Jamie Sauners,  Jamie Crawley,  Lauren Ellis,  Mark Vermeulen,  Matt Ewles,  Max Sloan,  Nicola Gover,  Richard Gover,  Richard Lander

Report by Matt Ewles

An excellent and very efficient trip!

Three staggered teams worked well, we never saw eachother (even when the final team was getting changed just outside our car we were still completely oblivious to them!).

A great cave with a nice mix of everything. Some slightly awkward climbs up assisted by fixed handlines provided a good challenge for our new folk, and a nice balance of ladder/stompy/squeezy and crawly. Really easy to navidate too, with the exception of the bit in the survey that says the way on it 'just on your right as you enter the Eating House' It's not... it's under a waterfall (may not be flowing in dryer weather) at the back of the eating house, and behind and above you as you stoop under).

Giants windpipe was just under half full, and good fun, and the traverse down at the end was fun. We traversed down just below the metal hoop hung from the roof, at the most exposed place. Apparently there's a much easier place further on, and we were unaware that a rope had been brought to belay people! Doh! So our freshers are MEGA hardcore!!!