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Giants Hole - 28th Nov 2009

Saturday November 28th 2009

Members present: Alastair Gott,  Catherine Moody,  Chuck Holder,  Marion Holloway,  Matthew Chubb

Report by Alastair Gott

COLD COLD COLD is the rating if you have a hole in your wellie and if its very wet.

i will mention that if it was a little less wet the cave would have been very good but as it was. yuk!

the only redeeming features of this cave are some of the fantastic formations near the start and whilst waiting for the ladder to be rigged- when your waiting around the point where the traverse line starts with the holes in the rock, if you look up in the roof you may- if you look very hard (and the poor little creatures havn't moved very far)- see one or two cave slugs, they are quite small so you will have to look hard.